How to Keep A Pool Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Clean and Clear

Keeping a pool clean and clear can feel like a never-ending battle. This is especially true if you live in dusty desert areas. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do on a regular basis that will keep your pool sparkling and clean. Now, the Phoenix Arizona pool light installation experts are here to explain how to keep a pool clean and clear.

Best Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean

How to Keep Your Pool Clean and ClearFollow the steps below to keep your pool clean all year long!

  1. Skim the Surface on a Regular Basis

The easiest thing you can do to keep your pool clean is to be sure to skim it regularly. Leaves, bugs and other debris blow into your pool on a daily basis. The accumulation of debris over time can leave your pool looking cloudy and green. To stay on top of it, it’s recommended to skim the pool at least once or twice every day. In many cases, one skim in the evening or the end of the day is sufficient.

  1. Monitor and Maintain Chemicals

The most important step in keeping your pool water clear is monitoring and maintaining the chlorine and pH levels. Chlorine keeps your pool clear by killing the bacteria and germs found in the water. In turn, the pH level influences how well the chlorine works. Chlorine levels should always measure between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million, while pH levels should read between 7.2 and 7.6. You should test the levels twice per week using kits you can purchase at any pool store.

  1. Backwash Your Filter

It’ll be tough to keep your pool clean with a dirty filter. That’s what it’s important to make sure you clean it on a regular basis too. A cloudy pool is a clear indication it’s time to backwash the filter. To do so, simply take the water flowing through the filtration system and turn it in the opposite direction. This will blow out dirt and other debris that is keeping your pool from being pristine.

  1. Use Shock and Algaecide Every Week

How to Keep Your Pool Clean and ClearAdding shock and algaecide to you pool every week will keep it looking its best. Shock or super-chlorinate can eliminate any lingering algae or bacteria your regular chlorine treatments may have left behind. The amount of shock you use will be determined by the size of your pool. If the pool is suddenly displaying a green or yellow tint, you very likely have algae growing. Algaecide will treat the water and get it back to normal in no time.

Keeping a pool clean requires a little elbow grease. But by following the steps above, you can spend more time swimming in it and less time sweating over it this summer!

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