I’ve come to the heartbreaking decision that I’m not going to blog anymore.  Not here anyways.

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.  At first I thought I was just overwhelmed with school and the kids and the business… and I was.  But now that school is out I see that my heart just isn’t in it anymore.  Not like it used to be, and I don’t want to write a half hearted blog.

I can honestly say that I’m leaving to “pursue other activities”.  Like creative writing, reading for fun, losing weight, household projects, ect.  I know that according to a schedule written on paper I can probably do all those things and still write here.  But in reality I can’t.  I only have so much brain power.

Since I made the final decision to quit I have felt a feeling of relief, which tells me I’m doing the right thing.  I have been feeling guilty that my site has been slipping.  If I do get a great post idea I’m sure I can write it as a guest post for a friend, so you might still see me around.  I plan on keeping current on all my favorite blogs.

Before I go, I want to say a genuine and heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who stopped by, commented on, subscribed, or linked to my humble little blog. If I had to sum up everything I know about personal finance it would be to live within your means.  The rest is details.  It’s either about how to live within your means (debt reduction, frugal living, income growth, budgeting) or what to do with the extra (saving, investing, giving).  Its amazing how much can be written on such a simple idea.

If anyone wants to keep in contact with me please shoot me an email.  The thing I’m going to miss the most is keeping up with all the friends I have made here.  I have a small personal blog that I am going to continue, if you are interested in that I can send you the link.

See you later...


pic by: Ryan McD

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