I had finals last night.  Wohoo!  I’m done with this semester.  I knew it was going to be rough going in, but man, that was a terrible semester.  I am so so happy to be done with it.  I’m pretty sure I got an A in Accounting but Calculus is a different story.  If I got at least a 70% on the final then I got an A, but it was wicked hard and I can’t predict how I did.  I’ll be pretty frustrated if I didn’t get at least a 70% though.

I also have a little confession.  I went grocery shopping on Sunday for the first time in months.  Shh.  I’ve been so busy with everything that I haven’t been meal planning or shopping properly, which I know is costing me money.  I haven’t been shopping sales, and I’ve been making several small trips to the store a week.  It not only makes groceries more expensive… it takes longer!  All because I wasn’t taking the half hour a week to actually plan a few dinners.

The excuse that I’m too busy to go grocery shopping isn’t an excuse at all.  Because in the end I spent more time trying to throw something together at the last second or making a quick run to the store than if I had just taken the time to plan.  It’s terrible and I’m glad to be back on board with proper meals.  We had been eating a lot of hamburgers on the grill and pancakes for dinner.  We usually have everything we need on hand for those, so they are easy last minute meals.

So on Sunday I sat down and made a list of every dish I cook regularly.  Then I planned our dinners for the rest of May.  The plans are flexible, but at least I have something written down that I can shop from.  We went to Costco yesterday (the new coupon book started!) and spent a small fortune.  But now we are stocked up and ready to go again.  It feels good… and I’m excited to get back into the kitchen.  Tonight we are having Turkey Burgers.

Do you meal plan?  What’s your strategy? This is the first time I’ve planned more than one week in advance.  Where do you write your plan?

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