I don’t know if anyone is interested in this… but I wanted to share that our little company finally got paid!  Yay!

It was so exciting.  I danced around the living room like a big dork.  It was such a huge relief to finally hold that check in my hand.  We also found out what took so long.  The company we work for only pays once a month.  They send out an email about a week before they are going to cut checks and remind everyone to get their invoices in.  We had just barely started working for them in when they sent out the March reminder so we didn’t get it.  Since we had no idea when or how they pay, we sent in our invoice for our March work two days after the cut off.  So we had to wait for April’s batch of checks.

But now we know… and knowing is half the battle.  From now on we will be able to get our invoices in before the cut off and we will receive payment in about 10 days or so.   Yay!

Now that we know this is working we’ve allowed ourselves the small indulgence of talking about what we will do with any profits.  We always start our discussion with “If we ever have money…”

“If we ever have money, I want to pay off the van.”
“If we ever have money, I want to pay cash for our next car.”
“If we ever have money, I want to max out our retirement contributions.”

So we have made a tentative list of how we want to use any money we make.

Pay off the home equity line of credit ($10,000)
Replenish the money we’ve withdrawn from savings ($5,000)
Pay off the loan for the back yard ($6,000)
Pay off my husband’s car ($2,500)
Pay off the van ($16,000)

Then I don’t know… that’s as far out as I can think about it.  That is all our non-mortgage debt.  I guess after that we would start saving for a new car for my husband.  I really really want to pay cash for our cars from now on.  And we want to pay off the house.  That is our ultimate goal.

Of course these are long term goals… but it’s still important to think about them, plan for them, talk about them, and make them happen. What’s great is that because my husband still has his job, we can use any and all profits from the business to meet these goals.

pic by: passionatephoto.com

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