I was listening to the news this morning on the radio while I was getting ready and they had a quick story about a Realtor in our area.   When he sells a house he gives 25% of his commission to the local school where the house was sold.

That’s genius!!

Think about it.  First off, most deals that Realtors offer are to the seller, but right now finding houses to sell isn’t the problem, it’s finding people to buy them.  So offering deals to sellers isn’t going to help your business. As a Realtor in this market you need to find incentives for buyers to come to you over the hundreds of other Realtors in the area.  But what do you offer someone who is already getting your services for free?  Well, you offer something to their new community.  It’s fantastic.

If you have 5 Realtors to choose from and one is offering 25% of his commission to the school your children will be attending next year, which one would you choose?  The choice is pretty clear.  Plus the more school aged kids they have, the more they will value the offer.  The more kids they have, the bigger house they need.  Bigger houses are more expensive.  Expensive houses offer more commission.

So this Realtor not only offers something of additional value to people who already get his services for free, he also targets the buyers who will make him the most money.

Plus 25% of his commission is a significant amount of money, especially to a struggling school.  It gets him all kinds of attention (I mean, here I am blogging about it.) and goodwill from the communities.

I love it!

pic by: Hassan abdel-rahman

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