I’m upside down in my van and I feel strongly that I deserve a bail out.  The government should forgive some of the principal of the loan.  Don’t think so?  Let me explain.

You see… I bought my 2007 Kia Sedona two years ago for $22,000.  I didn’t put a dime down.  In fact, I even financed the tax and license.  It’s true.  My husband and I walked into the dealership, signed some papers, and drove away in a brand spankin’ new minivan.  (and a loan for $24,000)

The problem is that right now we owe just under $17,000.  Which is totally not fair!  I just saw an ad for the 2009 version of our van for only $15,000!  I don’t think that’s right.  I shouldn’t have to keep making the payments on my van when I could buy a brand new van for $2,000 less than I currently owe.  It’s not fair!  I think the government should wipe $7,000 off the principal of my loan.

Isn’t it the right thing to do?  I mean, just because I agreed to pay $22,000 for my van doesn’t mean that I should have to actually pay that amount.  It’s the dealerships fault that I paid as much as I did.  They should have told me that the prices would drop this much.

It’s not fair!  If they are doing it for houses, they should do it for cars.

So I’m going to stop making the payments and wait for my piece of the bailout pie.

(For those who don’t know me… I’m totally kidding.)

Pic by: Matt McGee

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