My neighbor, we’ll call her Amy, started her own business.  I’m so happy for her and I wanted to share her experience with you.

Amy has been a stay at home mom for 14 years.  I don’t know if she has ever worked to be honest.  She married her high school sweetheart and they started a family right away, they have 4 kids.  Well, about a month ago her husband got laid off.  Very scary of course.  She had talked to me a bit about looking for a job herself but she knows that in her situation that it’s going to be almost impossible to get hired for even the most basic of jobs.  Luckily, they had a six months of expenses in their emergency fund (yay for them!!).

Her hobby is cleaning.  She’s obsessed with it actually. Think Monica on Friends here.  Out of the kindness of her heart she has been helping another mom in the neighborhood, we’ll call her Jane, to clean and organize her house.  Almost every day Amy has been going over to Jane’s house and they have gone through the house room by room.  Not only is she organizing Jane’s house, she also teaching Jane how to keep up with it herself.  She really has a whole system that has changed Jane’s home for the better.  They have set up cleaning routines that fit in Jane’s life and Amy helped get Jane’s kids and husband to help. A house that used to be a cluttered disaster is now a functioning healthy home.  When Jane gets off track she calls Amy over and they get things moving again.  Really, she’s Monica meets Super Nanny.

Well, Jane’s mom saw the difference Amy had made in her daughters home.  She was so impressed that she wanted Amy to come and help her with her home too.  She asked Amy how much she charged.  And just like that Amy had herself a business.  She charged Jane’s mom $20 an hour to clean organize/ declutter two rooms.  They worked for 7 hours.  Jane’s mom’s friends were so impressed that they wanted Amy to come clean their houses too.

So that’s where it stands as of now.  Amy isn’t getting rich but she is using her strengths to contribute to the household finances while her husband is out of work.

pic by: ifindkarma

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