Here is my last entry into the “Where’s my money going month”.  I have to say I hated this exercise.  I found it tedious and boring.  One good thing that came of it is that I now know what people are talking about when they say they don’t want to track their spending, especially manually.   Another good thing is that in order to do this exercise I asked my husband to put all our receipts from this month in a separate envelope.  Normally we put everything into a canister, but keeping the current month’s receipts separate turned out kinda handy… so we will being doing that from now on.

We follow a budget and we do track our spending, but not in this way.  It really illustrated the importance of finding a system that works for you.  Cause this didn’t work for me and I just wanted to give up.  I almost didn’t post this.

Anyways… here we go.

Groceries: $407

Eating out: $315

Gas: $141

Medical: $32

Haircut: $14

Valentines day: $30

Household stuff: $269

Birthday gifts: $107

Credit card payment: $120

Electricity: $178

Life Insurance: $100

Car Payments/ Insurance: $854

Mortgage/ HOA: $1,257

Cable/ Internet/ phones: $208

City: $133

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