Well, I’m late again… but at least I’m doing it.  Here is how we’ve spent our money so far this month as of the 17th.  This is for the project over at Finance for a Freelance Life.

Groceries: $341

Eating out: $161

Gas: $107

Medical: $20

Haircut: $14

Valentines day: $30

Household stuff: $71

Birthday gift: $17

Credit card payment: $120

Electricity: $178

Car Insurance: $130

Life Insurance: $100

I’m surprised at the grocery bill so far.  Yikes!  We only budget $400 so hopefully there isn’t much left to buy.  I guess I only have to go grocery shopping one more time this month, so we should be fine.  I’m also surprised we spent $30 on Valentines day.  And that doesn’t count the salmon we bought for dinner, I counted it in groceries.

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