High of 85 today and tomorrow.  I’ve finally admitted it’s not going to be cool again any time soon and broke out the shorts.  :(  I know in other parts of the country it’s a happy day when you wear shorts for the first time.  But not here… if it’s 85 in February what is it going to be in July?

But I’m not going to let that ruin the truly gorgeous day we have in front of us today.  My husband and I are going on our monthly date tonight (just under the wire) so I’m looking forward to that.

Ok, I have to share this with you… I was sitting here typing away on this post and my husband comes in and says..

“I want a watch I can wear to work.  I don’t want to wear this one (pointing to his nice watch).  I want something cheap, but not too cheap.  The other one I have is too cheap for work….. You know, that one I found in the bushes.”

LOL… How weird that the watch you found in the bushes is too junky to wear to work.

Well… here’s your round up.

The Carnival of Personal Finance included my post How to help your schools without spending and extra dime.

Remodeling this Life gave a list of things she can do in 10 minutes.  It reminds me of a quote… “Some people spend years putting off a 10 minute job.”  True huh?

Master Your Card talks about a customer-centric culture.

One Frugal Girl asks if overweight citizens be financially rewarded for exercise?

Money Ning shared some strange ways that companies sometimes do layoffs.

The Digerati Life gives some cheap meals and easy dinners.

No Debt Plan talks about peer to peer lending in a down economy.

My Super Charged Life discusses living up to your full potential.

M is for Money lays out Adjusted Gross Income.

My Wife Quit Her Job gives mental tips for lazy people on starting a business.

Financial Nut suggests moving your Excel spreadsheet budget to Google Docs so you can access it from anywhere.

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