Don’t worry, It’s not as bad as it soundsRemember my babysitting job?  I watch watched a little boy before school and then got him on to the bus.  Well, the kid’s dad got laid off a few weeks ago.  When his mom told me this I basically said “Well, give me a call when you need me again.”  Cause why would they take their kid to daycare when Dad is home?  But they still wanted to bring him, so I let them.  I’m not about to turn away money.

First the Dad’s car broke and he spent like 2 or 3 weeks shopping for a new one.  This I don’t get.  And of course he couldn’t possibly even start looking for a job until he had a car.  He got a new car about two weeks ago.  Maybe once he started looking they realized the job market sucks right now and getting another job isn’t going to be all gumdrops and roller skates.

So yesterday morning no one showed up.  I thought maybe they overslept or something.  But when I get out to the bus stop the little boy is there.  I asked him, “Why didn’t you come play this morning?”  He said, “Oh, I’m not coming over any more.”  So I called his mom and she tells me that his dad still hasn’t gotten a job and they don’t want to spend the money when his dad is home and can watch him.

So there it is… I got laid off.  Not really a big deal.  I’m actually kind of relieved.  The kid had a bad attitude, which I can deal with, but it was rubbing off on my own kids.

All in all I made $145.  Which was worth it.  I have been tucking away the money in my sock drawer and haven’t decided what to do with it yet.  I think I might put it in the vacation fund.

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