I spent most of last weekend organizing closets.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it!

We have decided to move the desktop computer into the closet of the spare room, it’s going to be the office for our new company. (It’s not as bad as it sounds.  It’s a walk-in and it even has a window.) Right now the computer is in the family room and we can’t even leave it turned on since my three year old is quite the button pusher.  (Whoever decided to put a blue flashing light around the power button clearly doesn’t have kids.)

But you can imagine the clutter that lived in the closet of the spare room.  Plenty.  Since the stuff that was in the spare closet had to go into other closets it meant reorganizing them as well. Surprisingly I didn’t have to much to throw away.  About one trash bag full.  Mostly I got rid of old text books and the corresponding notes that I took during the class.

But now I find myself dealing with the Goodwill vs. Ebay struggle.  I think everyone goes through this.  I have so much good baby stuff that I would love to sell, but I don’t have the energy to put it online.  So what to do?  I will end up giving it away, I’m sure of it.  But in the meantime I will feel guilty as sin for not selling it. The money I’m just giving away!  And this whole switch-a-roo of the computer is going to leave the family room needing a new TV stand.  We could potentially earn enough money from selling this stuff to buy what we need.   Ahhh… the guilt!!

I would love to write a post about how I sold the closet clutter and bought a new entertainment center for the family room.  I could tell you how much better and my useful my house is now because I’m a clutter and financial wizard.   I would love that.  But it’s not going to happen.  Because in the end I feel it’s not worth the money.  Yeah, I could get a few dollars for my son’s old clothes, an unused diaper bag, a few baby gates, and the pack and play.  But instead I will donate it, I can rest assured that someone out there will get a killer deal on stuff for their new baby.

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