Happy Saturday!!

I think I will be painting my new office today.  I can’t wait.  I have some sky blue paint left over from my daughter’s bedroom that will go perfect in there.  Then when it drys I can start moving in all our officey type stuff like envelopes, printer paper, the scanner, ect.  This will seriously clear out some room in the hall closet which is desperately needed.  For a 2400 square foot house we have no storage to speak of.  So I’m pretty excited to get things better organized. I’ll try to take some pics so you can see a before and after.

Oh!  And a quick update on my Goodwill vs. Ebay debate.   I ended up selling a text book and one movie on Amazon.  They both sold within hours and I was able to ship them the next day, which is something I love about Amazon, no waiting for the auction to end or for payments.  Anyways, I made $60 which is enough to buy the TV stand I had picked out.  So wohoo!

And the round up…

The Simple Dollar laid out the recipe for breakfast burritos as well as step by step instructions (with pictures!) on how to freeze them for quick, easy, cheap, and healthy breakfasts for the whole month.

Almost Frugal listed some free online activities for kids.  All educational of course.

Financial Nut had a hilarious post of an email exchange between a customer and a debt collector.  I was in tears with laughter.

Four Pillars discussed Conotels.  I had never heard of such a thing.

My Super-Charged Life gives step by step instructions on how to be a control freak.

The Ultimate Money Blog listed some unique uses for Baking Soda.  Pair this with my 100 uses for Vinegar and you’ve really got some money saving tips there.

Get Rich Slowly tells us how to build confidence and destroy fear.

Frugal Dad asks who handles the bills?

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