I haven’t written much about our business since I mentioned that I started it.  Mostly because I’m still trying to get things going and we haven’t had any work.  But I thought I would list our start up costs for you.

Phone: $20 to set it up. I added a line to our family plan for $10 a month.  The phone was free, but I had to pay taxes on it which was $20.  Since I got it at Costco they waived the $35 activation fee.

PO Box:  $21 for six months.  I’m trying to avoid having our home address as the business address.  It’s not the type of business that will get a lot of mail and I certainly won’t have people coming to my house so no need to have my home address out there for strangers to see.

Insurance:  $958 to get it started.  This is two months of general liability insurance, a years worth of workers comp, and a years worth of an umbrella policy, I believe.

Quickbooks: $70, normally $140 but I had a $70 coupon from Costco.  I love them so much!

Tradename: $35 to register our business with the state.  It cost an extra $25 to have it expedited, normally it’s $10.

Shipping: $8.00 to FedEx the contracts to the company that is hiring us.  Wohoo!

So that’s $1,112 so far.  Not too bad.  I think all I need now is a bank account, which will be free to start, and my tax ID for the state, which is also free to get.  I mailed my tax ID today and I need my Tradename to be approved by the state before I can get a bank account, which is why I expedited it.  Should have that early next week.

It has also had some indirect costs such as the computer rearranging I mentioned yesterday.  We have picked out a $40 stand for the TV in the family room and I am going to paint my new office, but I’ll be using some paint that was left over from my daughter’s room.  We also emptied a bunch of DVDs off a bookcase to move up to the office.  So we are donating our bookcase to the business and needed a binder thing to put the DVD’s in.  And then obviously gas, time, stress, ect.

pic by: angusf

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