One of my classes this semester is an Accounting class.  Last night I was talking to the woman who sits next to me.  She works for a charter school in the area in their accounting department.  She said that they have 400 employees and yesterday they were all given a choice.  They could either agree to a 3% pay cut, or 25 people were going to get laid off.


She is going to agree to the pay cut.  One reason is that she is the low man on the totem pole in her department so she is pretty worried about getting laid off.  She also said that she wouldn’t feel right keeping it knowing that people got laid off so she could have that little bit extra in her check.  Hopefully everyone else feels the same way.

If the pay cut passes, the school promised no layoffs this school year.  But no promises about next year.

Hearing this story the woman who sits in front of us turned around and said she works for an Accountant.  She recently took a call from a woman who knew the bare minimum take home pay she could live on and wanted to know what the gross pay was that would give her that take home.   She is going to go to her boss and offer a pay reduction to try to save her job.  That’s gutsy… and sad.

It’s getting bad out there folks.  Have you, or anyone you know, done anything bold to try to save your job?

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