My son is turning 3 in a few weeks and he is still sleeping in a crib.  He needs a big boy bed and it’s reaching critical levels.  He looks like a giant laying in that tiny crib.  So we decided that we are getting him a big boy bed for his birthday.  I know it’s not the greatest gift in the world, but he just got a truckload of new toys for Christmas.  Plus, he really is excited about it.

Despite the fact that I’ve had 3 years to plan for this event, I’ve done absolutely nothing.  The proper way to make this purchase would have been to research beds.  Find one that we like. And then save up for it. However, that takes time.  Time we don’t have because I had my Mommy blinders on and didn’t realize that my baby was growing up.  So we did the totally wrong thing and went shopping with no money.  Never a good idea.

I had a general idea to spend about $200.  I had no idea where we were getting this money, but that’s besides the point.  First stop, Costco.  They had two twin mattresses.  One really cheap looking one for $259 and one decent looking one for $299.  Plus another $40 for the frame. Yikes.  While we are standing there we decide that if we are going to spend $300 on a bed we might as well get a full size for another $100 and then he won’t outgrow it.  And well, if he’s going to keep this mattress until he moves out then we should really get a higher quality one.  I mean, I’m already spending non existent money, might as well get what I want.  Ah, thankfully we left before we spent any money. (I really do understand how people get themselves in trouble with credit cards.)

Second stop, a regular mattress store down the street.  We were actually just killing time because we were waiting to have lunch near there.  Anyways, they had a bunch of floor models marked down 50%.  SCORE! We found a twin bed for $150 and the frame was included.  Oh, I’m so excited.  It’s perfect.  I even have twin sheets already.  Which might not seem like a huge deal, but I could easily spend another $50 buying a couple of sets of full size sheets.  So that is money saved there too.

But you know, even when I found the perfect bed at the right price I still had a hard time pulling the trigger.  I already had in my mind that we were going to buy a larger high quality mattress.  It was kind of a let down at first.  But now that I have to come and put those numbers into the budget, I know we made the right decision.

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