I got a new scale!  I know… hardly note worthy but it brought up an interesting point.  When do you repair an item and when do you replace it?

My old scale is pretty old and beat up.  It still worked but it looked dirty and icky.  I had been eyeballing new scales for a while now but never spent the money because our old one was working, and the only people who ever see it are my husband and me, so the look of it wasn’t top priority.  I couldn’t justify spending money to replace it when it was working just fine.

But then the battery died and a new battery for it costs $10.  There is a scale at Costco for $25.  At that point it was kind of a toss up.  $10 for a new battery or $25 for a whole new scale.  I probably would have just gone with the new battery and waited for new one a while longer.  Ha! Until I found out that there is a coupon for $10 off the new scale, making it $15.  Decision made!

Five dollars extra for a whole new scale is totally worth it.  And the new scale uses AAA batteries so no more expensive replacements.  Score!  It will pay for itself in about a year.

Oh and it’s so pretty.  All fancy and shiny.  And it instantly weighed me as a whole pound lighter, making it the best scale in the whole wide world!!

pic by: uncommonmuse

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