As you are reading this I’m having a great time in the happiest place on Earth.  But while I’m making myself sick on the teacups I need you guys to help me with a little dilemma.

You know how I started my babysitting job, right?  Well, we had agreed upon $25 a week.  The thing is that this past Monday would have been his first day, but since it was his first day at a new school his mom took the day off so she could drive him, meet his teacher, you know… that kind of thing.  So since I didn’t start til Tuesday I was only expecting to get paid $20 this week.  But she gave me $25.

So should I give the money back?  If I had been watching him for six months and then she took the day off and didn’t bring him and still paid me that would be one thing.  But I feel kinda weird about it since really, I got paid for a day before my first day.  Which is weird.  But she did give me the money knowing that I didn’t watch him on Monday.  But maybe she felt like she had to since that is what we agreed to a weekly rate rather than a daily rate and she didn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

So what do I do?  I know we are only talking about $5 here, but we are also setting a precedent and a level of trust.  Should I give the money back because I don’t feel like I earned it?  Or should I just take it and lighten up?

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