So I’m leaving for Disneyland tomorrow! Wohoo.  I’m not bringing my laptop and I won’t be back til Thursday night so I won’t see you guys til then.  But don’t worry I have lots of stuff lined up for you.  On Monday I will be asking for advice on a little moral dilemma I’ve been mulling over.  And I also have a guest post lined up, so make sure you check that out.

This week I participated in the Carnival of Debt Reduction hosted at American Consumer News with my post Debt Reduction for 2008.

Money Smart Life wrote a post that highlighted some of the best money posts of the year.  My post 10 tips to get your house sold was listed.  Yay!

Money Grubbing Lawyer has a guest post from an ex-con.  What do you think prison taught this guy about finance?  A lot.  Go check it out for yourself.  It’s not everyday you get read an article from someone who was in the clink.

Frugal Dad talked about a guy who was killed by his own clutter.  Ew.

Prime Time money asked “What was your most unfrugal moment in 2008“  Mine was the elliptical machine.

The Digerati Life talked about Secrets of the Super Rich.

Master Your Card gave 10 common mistakes when making resolutions.

Fabulously Broke in the City has some great frugal laundry tips. A must read, unless you don’t do laundry.

My Super Charged Life listed the eight best foods to eat every day.  A must read, unless you don’t eat.

Pecuniarities suggested to build a home gym to save money.

The Wisdom Journal gave 21 ways to save some cash by letting your fingers to the walking.

My Wife Quit Her Job asked “Should you trust your customers?“  The answer:  Usually.

Single Guy and Money taught us how to live like a millionaire in 2009.  It reminds me of my post Millionaires drive minivans.

Northern Cheapskate talked about getting over the holiday hangover.  It’s so hard to get back on track after the holidays.  Once you’ve trained your eye for those great deals it’s hard to turn it off.

Finance for a Freelance Life tells us how to start and manage a debt snowball.

Think Your Way to Wealth teaches how to make a budget and why it’s important.

Tight Fisted Miser listed 5 things you should always get for free.

Blunt Money talked about budgeting by percentages and inspired my budget percentages post.

Remodeling This Life wrote about finding herself.

pic by: Williac

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