A few days ago, I was walking in our neighborhood with my 7 year old daughter.  Sitting out by the sidewalk was a metal filing cabinet with a sign that said “Free” being held up by a rock.  My daughter said “Oh, look!  They are giving that rock away for free!”  I said “No….”  She replied “Oh, the house is free.”   LOL.  Luckily the housing market isn’t quite that bad!

Oh also… I’m going to be out of town coming up here soon.  If you would like to write a guest post for me shoot me an email.  Diaperbagdiva[at]gmail.com.  Thanks!

I found a lot of great articles this week.  I found this one just cruising around…  How to control the minds of customer service reps.  Do this!!  Read it, reread it, and then read it again.  Have it ingrained into your head.

Saver in the City wrote about money lessons she learned from her mom and dad.  I wrote a similar post back in April money lessons I learned from my parents.  Check them both out.

M is for Money talks about living in 750 square feet.  This is the size of my master bedroom, bath, and closet.  But I have lived in this size space before.  With a kid!

Spilling Buckets gave directions on how to make a homemade sun jar.  This looks so cute!  I really want to do it.

One Frugal Girl gave a definition of what it means to live beyond your means. I can safely say I’m not living beyond my means.  Even my the official definition.

Frugal Dad lays out a plan to give yourself a bailout.  You can do it!

Master Your Card tells us 10 things you will face on the road to being debt free. It’s good to know what to expect so that you don’t feel like your failing when you hit bumps in the road.  Everyone seems to hit the same roadblocks.  Be prepared for them!

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