Alrighty, you better have your shopping done by now.  I do.  Which means I can look back and see how we did on our Christmas budget.  I have to say I’m pretty happy.  We came in $22 under budget. Yeah… UNDER budget.  It’s the most beautiful $22 I’ve ever seen.

Grand total: $1,377 (Why we had $1,399 budgeted and not an even $1,400 I’ll never know)

Here’s the breakdown…
Me: $200
Husband: $200
Son: $200
Daughter: $193
First Brother in law and wife: $81
Niece and nephew: $79
Mother in law: $50
Second brother in law and wife: $75
My parents: $44
Sister in law: $50
Wrapping paper and Christmas cards: $24
A December birthday: $22
New tree: $159

Now, I will say that some money from our regular monthly budget did get spent on Christmas and I didn’t count that.  For example, we each get $200 a month as our personal spending money.  I know I spent some of my personal money on presents for my husband and I’m sure he did the same.   It’s just life.  I would love to be able to tell you to the penny how much Christmas cost us… but for the sake of my sanity I can’t keep track that closely.   Either way, I’m happy that we stayed in budget.

How did everyone else do?  What were your totals?

pic by: scottfieldstein

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