Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great Christmas.  We did.  My big presents from my husband were a string of pearls, a heart necklace with diamonds, and a GPS for the van.  All of which I love.  I got my husband a big tool set of Craftsman tools and a drill.  My daughter got a digital camera.  I was worried about that since it wasn’t something she asked for, but she seemed to love it.  And my son’s favorite toy so far wasn’t even from us.  My brother in law got him a scooter and he’s been riding it everywhere he goes.  I don’t think he will ever walk again.

But I’m taking a break from cleaning up the Christmas tornado to highlight a few of my favorite posts this week….

Saver in the City gives some tips on writing thank you notes.

Budgets are Sexy wrote about a little girl who wants letters for Christmas.  I know this is a bit late, but I highly doubt she will stop wanting letters just cause Christmas is over.  And it’s his birthday today so make sure you stop by and give some birthday wishes.

Master Your Card asked if money and ethics mix.  She talked about paying for or selling college papers.  She even mentioned she saw someone looking to buy a term paper on ethics.  LMAO!  I love irony.

Brip Blap asks “Who watches the watchmen?“  Good Question.

Yielding Wealth talked about an interesting trend in the drop of State Lottery sales.  Weird.  I would think in hard times ticket sales would go up.

Ok, guys… now back to cleaning!!

pic by: Williac

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