We are well into the thick of Christmas shopping now.  While you are out and about, check out the prices on presents you’ve already bought.  Some stores do price adjustments.  Price adjustments are when you buy something at one price, and then later it goes on sale so you get money back.  So if you bought a present and now it’s on sale, you can still get the sale price.

If the store has a price adjustment policy then you probably don’t need the actual merchandise, just the receiptBut even if a store doesn’t do price adjustments, you’re not out of luck.  You can always return the item you bought and then buy it again at the sale price.

I bought my daughter a really cool cupcake making kit from Costco a few weeks ago.  It was $26.00 with a $6.00 instant rebate.  I thought I was getting a good deal.  Then last weekend I noticed it now has a $10.00 rebate.  I checked with customer service and they don’t do price adjustments.  They said I would have to return the one I bought and then buy it again. I was bummed because I’ve already wrapped the one I bought.  I really didn’t want to unwrap it, just to return it, buy it again, and then rewrap it.  It wasn’t worth the 4 bucks.

So instead I bought a new one and returned it using my receipt from the first one.  It worked perfectly fine.  I got my $4.00 and didn’t have to go through all that hassle.  I was pretty happy.


It’s funny… I’ve always considered myself “good with money” but before I started this blog I wouldn’t have considered doing something like this.  But just the simple act of being aware of how I spend my money has made such an impact.  Money management is more than just budgeting.  Everyone’s level of frugality is different.  Some people would think going out of your way to save $4 is too much.  Others would do it for less.  But writing this blog as made me aware of more than just my budget.  It’s increased my frugality level.

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