Have you ever re-gifted anything?  Have you ever received something you knew was a re-gift?

I have re-gifted, but I don’t think I’ve ever given it as a present for an event, like birthday or Christmas.  More like, “hey, my mom gave me this wallet and I don’t think I’m going to use it, do you want it?”  I know I’ve received re-gifts but I can’t remember anything specifc now.  I do know that it really cheapens the gift.  It makes you feel like the person doesn’t really care.  It’s the thought that counts, and a re-gift is the smallest amount of thought possible.

So here is my current re-gift dilemma.  My sister in law has a couple of books on her Christmas wish list.  We have already spent our budgeted amount on her and I happen to own one of the books on her list.  It’s hard cover and in perfect condition.  I’m very gentle on books.  I hate when books get damaged in anyway.

Now I have no problem giving her this book.  We have already bought her what we were going to buy her, so this book would be extra, not in lieu of a purchased present.  It would allow other members of the family to spend their money on other stuff.  It would only be a bonus.

Should we just give it to her now, rather than at Christmas? Either let her borrow it, or let her keep it, I don’t care which.  Or give it to her for Christmas, thinking it’s more fun to get lots of presents at Christmas time.

What would you do?

Pic by: Kevin Dooley

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