So did everyone have a great Thanksgiving?  How ’bout those Black Friday deals?  I got a good one, but I can’t say what it was because the recipient reads this blog.  (Hi, honey!)  But please, make me jealous leave a comment to tell me all about your great deals. or any elbow to the throat stories you have.  I hate how after it’s all over they still run the ads and you think… oh man, if only I had known about that!

I didn’t get online much so this round up is fairly short… but I’m sure you’re busy too.  So it’s just less reading for you.  :)

Master Your Card gave us 6 ways to get cheap or free gift cards.  Gotta love free money!

Pecuniarities told us two natural and economic ways to end dry winter skin.  I think I’m gonna try these.

Frugal Dad gave us 6 ways to reduce your technology costs and a lesson in what the pilgrims taught us about capitalism.

Remodeling This Life has a recipe for Apple Pie Cake.  Need I say more?

Single Guy and Money explains that credit card mail isn’t always junk.  So true!!  It only takes a moment to open your mail.  So just do it and make sure it’s actually junk mail before you throw it away.  While I was working in credit card customer service my bank had merged with another bank. Like a year later this old lady calls complaining that no one told her her old bank no longer existed.  NO ONE TOLD HER!?!  Jeeze louise lady.  If letters, news reports, tv commericals, emails, sign changes, website popups, sky writing, smoke signals, or gossip doesn’t clue you in then what the heck do you want?  I guess she needed a live person to go door to door and personally explain it to her.

Ok, now back to your leftovers!

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