I just bought shoes against my will.  Grrr… I knew this would happen.  This is why I don’t allow myself to shop for clothes.  Here I am giving myself permission to spend $20 a month on clothes and instead I’ve now spent $82.   It’s money I would have spent on something else, probably on the kids, so I guess it’s not a big deal, yet.  But see… this is why I stay away from clothes in the first place.  And then my wardrobe ends up looking like I shop at Goodwill, while blindfolded. (Just kidding.  It isn’t that bad.)

It started innocently enough.  My husband was watching football and I was sitting next to him on my laptop.  I was bored and Stumbling site after site.  Then I found this site that has all the Amazon markdown stuff laid out so nicely.   Might as well see what they have for 90% off, right?  I mean, Christmas is coming.   Oddly enough I didn’t browse anything that would make good gifts.  Only stuff for myself.

Ok, but here they are… my new shoes.  I got the “desert” colored ones.  They are half off.  In my defense they really are a good deal and I was afraid if I waited til next month my size would be sold out.  I was kinda nervous about buying shoes online.  A picture might be worth a thousand words… but it doesn’t tell you if those shoes look nice with your favorite jeans.  You know what I’m sayin’?  So I went to the store to try on similar ones, just too see if the size was right and if I really do like that style.  And guess what?  They had the exact shoe at the store.  Same color and everything.  So that was cool.  And they were $60 in person.  So I came straight home and ordered them.

But that’s it for a while!  Nothing new until January at least.  Pinky swear.

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