Well, I barely hit the “publish” button on my post about my fears regarding the economy and one of them is realized.  And you guys thought I was being paranoid!  (No, my husband didn’t lose his job… thankfully!)

My husband called me this morning at about 8:30.  Which is strange, not totally out of the question, but strange since his mornings are usually pretty busy.  Before he even says anything I can tell by the background noise that he is outside.  Also strange, it means he wants to talk to me without his co-workers overhearing. All of this oddness makes me think something is up.

We chat for a bit about random stuff and I think ‘oh maybe it’s nothing, he’s just calling to say hi.  Maybe it’s slow over there and he’s bored.’  But then he says “I got some bad news.”  Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!

I’m going to do explain this the best I can, which isn’t very good since I don’t fully understand it myself.  Company A hired Company B to do a job.  Company B hired Company C to actually do the work.  My husband works for Company C but he physically works at Company A’s site.  Does that make sense?  Company A and Company B just recently signed a 5 year contract.  Which is good for us because my husband just gets hired on to which ever Company C happens to be at the moment.  It changes every few years and my husband has to go and interview for his own job again, which he always gets.  While that is kinda scary who is better qualified to do the job than the guy who’s been doing it for the past 15 years?

But I guess part of the work that he does isn’t part of the actual contract.  They just do it.  Well, this section of the work got contracted out to Company D yesterday, because they will do it cheaper.  So that means a big chunk of work that my husband and his three guys no longer have to do.  Which is bad.  It means no overtime. It means they don’t even have enough work for the guys who currently work there.  My husband’s boss said that they will watch it for a month and see how it looks, busy wise.  But my husband doesn’t see how they are going to keep the lowest man on the totem pole.  Which sucks.  Since it’s such a small team they are all pretty close.  It’s actually my husband, his two brothers, and a family friend they have known since they were kids.  It will be sad to see one of our friends get laid off.  It also means that we are that much closer to having it happen to us.  I feel like I’m standing on my front porch during a hurricane, and the flood waters just covered the bottom stair.

There is one small silver lining.  My husband used to work at Company D and the person in charge of this new contract is one of his very good friends.  I’m not sure how that will help us, but it can’t be bad right?

I really haven’t comprehended what exactly the whole “no overtime” thing means.  It’s not good.  I’m not quite ready to go there and figure out just how not good it is.  That is a post for another day.

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