Warning:  I’m about to make myself look really bad.  So if you think I’m some put together super mom then please don’t read this.  Seriously, stop right now!

Here’s my confession:  My wardrobe is an embarrassment.  Most of my shirts I would like to just throw in the trash, but then I would have no shirts.  So I can’t really do that.  And don’t tell me to donate them because these are shirts that wouldn’t even sell in a thrift store.

There are several reasons this is the case.  First off, clothes are expensive and I really never spend money on myself.  So buying something that costs $20 (gasp!) seems extravagant.  Want proof that I never spend money on myself?  I went to try on a shirt a few weeks ago and my 7 year old was with me.  She said “Is that for me?”  “No” I replied.  “Is if for [her brother]?”  “No” I replied.  “Well then, who’s it for?” The fact that it could be for me was totally out of the question.

Secondly, spending that $20 doesn’t really do much when my whole closet needs to be replaced. I know that small steps will take you great distances.  And I’m getting to that.  But it’s kinda hard to buy one thing when you have nothing nice to wear with it.

Third, I hate to shop for clothes and it’s practically impossible with a two year old.  I get one shot at the dressing room, so it better be a good one. Need something in a different size?  Too bad.  Come back tomorrow.  Or chase a two year old out of the dressing room half naked.

And fourth, I never go anywhere! The people at the grocery store have already seen me in my old T-shirts.  So no need to dress up for them now.

I counted the other day and I own 4 shirts that I’m not embarrassed to wear.  One pair of pants that I like, one pair that I like but are about to rip at the knee any second, and one pair that fits but that I don’t especially like.  That’s it ya’ll!

I’ve decided that I’m going to take $20 out of my allowance every month and buy a piece of clothing.  If I don’t buy anything then I am going to put that $20 aside for a future shopping trip.  It’s got to happen.  I’m going to work up slowly to replacing pretty much everything in my closet.  I will be perfectly happy to throw out all my old clothes. It’s odd and goes against my nature to mandate spending.  But the unwillingness to spend the time and money shopping is what got me into this mess.

So what is a reasonable amount of clothes to own? I’m guessing 4 shirts and 1 pair of pants isn’t sufficient.   This is a serious question.  What is a “wardrobe”?  7 outfits? 10? 14?  Am I allowed to wear the same jeans twice in one week?  How many pairs of jeans should I own? How many shirts?

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