I will be so glad when October is over.  The most frightening thing around here isn’t the decorations, it’s our budget.  We spent a small fortune.  I let our a blood curdling scream when I saw the totals.  I’m going to print out a copy, tape it to my shirt, and go trick or treating.  I’ll be the scariest person on the streets.

So what was so scary about it?  Well we had two birthdays to shop for, one of which was for my daughter.   While we only got my daughter some books as gifts, we did throw a party which cost just over $100 when it was all said and done.   Neither birthday was properly budgeted for and put us over budget.

We went on our Grand Canyon trip.  Which I mentioned cost about $250.  While we got a good deal, it’s still money spent at the end of the day.   We used money from our vacation fund we had saved up.  And we still have enough to go to Disneyland.

We bought the elliptical machine.  We had the money saved up specifically in a separate account, but it does add to money spent.

We got our wills.  We used money that was set aside to pay off the loan for the backyard landscaping.  Not an ideal use of the money since I would rather use it to pay off debt.  But I feel that making sure my kids are taken care of in case of our death is a necessity.  So I’m glad it’s done.  Either way, it adds another $1,200 to this month’s budget.

There was some other small stuff, like Halloween, oil changes in both cars, warm clothes for the kids, ect.  Stuff we needed that just happened to fall in this very unlucky month.

So quickly adding up those extras it’s about $2,500 that we spent outside of our regular monthly budget.  And we still have a week left!  I’ll try to keep it limited to groceries.

But the horror doesn’t stop there unfortunately.  There is a subcategory that is particularly struggling to stay alive.  My personal allowance.  Poor me, literally.  Me and my husband each get $200 a month for spending money.  I went over budget by about $60 and that includes the fact that I rolled over about $40 from last month.  So that means I spend about $300 just myself.  Blah.  I know I spent about $50 on clothes.  Which is very unlike me and desperately needed. (I’m going to write a whole post about this later in the week.)  I know I went a little overboard on Halloween decorations.  I just love them and it happens every year.  But I would say I spent about $40 there.  Then we each chipped in $100 towards the elliptical machine.   So that leaves $100 on eating out and other stuff.

So all this spending means that we need to be extra good in November since I have a sneaky suspicion that December isn’t going to be very budget friendly either.

Pic by: D’arcy Norman

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