I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this before but we are going to the Grand Canyon next week.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Cost wise it should be pretty cheap as far as vacations go because we are meeting my dad up there.  He lives in Wyoming and has family visiting from out of the country.  It’s the first time they’ve been to the US so he is taking them on a big tour.  The Grand Canyon, Vegas, L.A. I think… I don’t know what else.  But we’ve been talking about a Grand Canyon trip for a while now… so this is a great grand opportunity to go for cheap.  My dad got our hotel room and will probably pay for any meals we have while we are with him.  We are going on a helicopter tour, which I think my son will like.  I’m kinda nervous that he will get freaked out so I’ve been talking it up.  Getting him excited to go for a helicopter ride.  Should be fun. And what says family better than a road trip to the Grand Canyon?

It’s going to be cheap… but it’s not going to be free.  It’s about 250 miles from here to the Grand Canyon.  Which is about a tank of gas each way.  So probably between $100 and $130 in gas, depending.  Plus I’m sure we will buy some meals for ourselves.  And we will probably pick up some touristy souvenirs while we are up there.   And my husband reminded me the other day that the kids might need… oh I don’t know… pants.  And maybe a jacket.  So I have to buy them some pants that fit, and sweatshirt or two to wear since it will be a little chillier than we are used to.

I would think $500 should more than do it.  Which is fine.  We have $1,800 saved in our vacation fund, and Disneyland shouldn’t take the whole thing.  So we have the money to cover our costs and I don’t see how we are going to be able to go the Grand Canyon again for less than $500.

Oh also… If anyone would like to write a guest post for me to post while I’m gone I would love it.  Email me at DiaperBagDiva [at] gmail.

pic by: James Gordon

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