Yay for small banks!  I just read this article that pretty much sums up how I feel about small banks.  Better customer service, better rates on both loans and savings, and less fees.  We have our checking account and one savings account with a big bank, one that is still standing and apparently not going to fail.  But we have all our other accounts with a local credit union. The only reason we keep our checking account with the big bank is just because of the hassle of switching direct deposits and automatic payments.  I’m sure you can relate.

Of course small banks are not perfect.  If you use the ATM a lot or travel and need to be able to walk into a branch even when you are on the move then a local credit union probably isn’t going to suit you. But that doesn’t mean if you have some savings that you need to have immediate access to that you can’t shop around for a better rate at a local bank.

And then there are online banks.  Lots of people love them since they can really max out the savings rates because they don’t have to manage brick and mortar banks.  They can pass those savings along to you.  But they are not for me, especially for my checking account.  The thought of having to mail checks to my checking account really doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies.

Ok, switching topics here…

I also read this article about the economy and felt I HAD to post it.  With all my gloom and doom lately about the economy I needed to post something kinda hopeful.  It talks about how we will probably not see a depression.  Hey, I’ll take any good news I can! So if you have been feeling like the sky is falling go ahead and give a scan.

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