It’s Friday again, and that means we are going green. Just a reminder that this series has been inspired by David Bach’s latest book, Go Green, Live Rich. And you can enter to win this book by leaving a comment on Green Fridays.

Ahh, babies. They are the whole reason anyone really cares about living green and there are several things we can do to have greener babies.

Buy used clothes: One thing about babies is that they grow fast. So fast in fact that they can’t possibly wear out their clothes. And it is very often that little babies don’t even get a chance to wear all their clothes before they are outgrown. The point is that baby clothes are the perfect thing to buy used. You can save a bundle for your wallet and the environment.

Buy used equipment: Babies need stuff. Tons and tons of stuff. More stuff than you ever thought an 8 pound person could possibly require. And just like clothes, they often outgrow their stuff while it still looks brand new. You can save a ton of money poking around a used baby store. When your finished with your gently used baby gear sell it online, give it to a friend, or consign it at a baby store. I sold my barely used baby swing on ebay and actually got $20 more than I paid.

Breast Feed: In theory breast feeding should be cheaper. I’m sure for some people it is, but for me it wasn’t. After I paid for a pump rental, supplies, creams, pads, special bras, storage bags, and what not I figured it cost me the same as formula feeding. While it may or may not save you a buck, it is better for the environment. When it comes to breast milk there is no manufacturing, packaging, or shipping involved. Getting it straight from the tap saves a ton of energy.

Make your own baby food: I know a few people who did this. It’s better for the environment for the same reasons breast feeding is, no manufacturing, packaging, or shipping. And it’s cheaper than buying 100 little glass jars. Plus you know exactly what is in it and can customize it to be exactly the way your baby likes it. Here is a website that tells you exactly how to do it.

What about cloth diapers?: Turns out after you’ve finished washing the cloth diapers they aren’t better for the environment than disposables. That means I’ve spent 6 years of my life feeling guilty for nothing.

So tell me, do you buy used baby gear? Do you breastfeed and make your baby food? Do you think having babies is for crazy people? (I do!) Leave a comment and let me know. You will get an entry to win with this book with each comment you leave! ***Contest has ended***

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