So we’ve officially made the switch over to the new allowance system. It’s going great. I went to Michaels and got her a little wooden box to put the tickets in. I was going to wait until she painted it to post an update so I could show you the box, but that is taking forever. So here is a picture of it unpainted. Soon it will be a rainbow of psychedelic colors. I also couldn’t find raffle tickets anywhere and they were like $20 online with shipping, so I just made my own tickets. I got some scrapbook paper and cut 2×1 inch rectangles. She loves them. Even more than real raffle tickets I think. So the whole set up cost me less than $3.

She is really loving this new system. She likes getting the tickets and putting them in the box. I like that she has more motivation to do her chores and that she is getting credit for them every time. I also like that I can say “If you do [helpful thing] I’ll give you a ticket.” And that is very motivating too. She really wants those tickets!

I was kinda worried that she wouldn’t understand that the tickets represent real money. But yesterday she wanted to take a dollar to school for a drink and she thought I was giving her the allowance she had earned. So I know she does get it. Even though I’m not mean enough to make her spend her allowance on lunch.  Since she’s six I’ll still buy her food.

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