I’ve been thinking about how we issue allowance in our house. The way it is now is that my daughter has 5 chores (make her bed, clean her room, unload the dishwasher, pick up family room, clear the table) and there is a chart on the fridge with all 5 chores listed. Each time she does one we put a magnet next to that chore. When she has done all the chores 5 times she gets $5.

The problem lies in that some chores, like clean her room, don’t get done every day. Which is ok, but then it’s not motivating for her to do her other chores. For example, its very often that all the chores have 5 magnets except for cleaning her room. Cleaning her room will only have one magnet. So then there is no reason for her to do any more chores until she has cleaned her room another 4 times. See what I’m saying?

Another problem is that we don’t have anything that she does just for the good of the house. Potentially, she gets paid for every thing she does around here. Now that she’s older I think I could give her some more difficult chores and have her not get paid for the simple things, like making her bed.

This little problem has been on the back burner for the last few months. I finally have a solution I’m going to try. The first thing I’m going to do is change the chores a bit. I’m taking away clearing the table and making her bed. She still needs to do those things, she just isn’t going to get paid for them anymore. Then I’m going to add drying the dishes and wiping down the bathroom counter. Finally, I’m going to get a roll of raffle tickets from the craft store and a jar. Then each time she does a chore she will earn a ticket. She can trade the tickets in for money. Maybe a quarter each?

That’s the plan. I think it will work better since she will get a more immediate reward for doing her chores and get credit every time she does a chore.


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