I’ve talked a lot about my love for Costco. I’ve really been making a go of it for the last few months and I’ve seen a huge drop in my weekly shopping. I went to Costco on Friday and spent $149.11 plus tax, but look at all the stuff I got! Please excuse the total dorkiness of organizing my Costco booty so I can take a picture of it. It was a big trip because I had a bunch of coupons. Here’s the breakdown of what I bought and how much I saved. The prices listed for Costco include the coupon and the prices listed for Walmart are what you would pay for the same amount of stuff as I bought at Costco. For example, at Walmart paper plates are $3.44 for 50, so it would cost $15.30 to get the Costco amount of 225.

Item Costco Walmart
Paper plates 12.49 15.3
Baby wipes 11.99 27.46
Dryer Sheets 6.49 9.35
Parmesean 7.99 9.84
Razors 21.98 32.64
Hot dogs 13.98 18.56
Milk 5.23 7.04
Strawberries 5.99 9.96
Diet Coke 6.99 8.64
Toilet Paper 15.99 18.75
Diapers 39.99 41.76
149.11 199.3

So I saved $50.19 over Walmart on this trip alone! Crazy! I had $25.50 in coupons. Plus I get 2% back from my executive membership and another 1% from my American Express card, which isn’t figured into the total savings. I did notice that the strawberries were the same price per pound at Fresh and Easy as at Costco, so I don’t need to buy the whole 4 lbs at once if I don’t want to. Although my kids can burn though some strawberries, I’m tellin’ ya. They were almost gone on the first day. But I did use one pound to make my super awesome Strawberry cake.

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