I participated in a few carnivals this week. On Monday, the Carnival of Personal of Finance was hosted at Budgeting Babe included my article Green Living: Bottled Water. On Thursday the Finance Fiesta was hosted at Living Almost Large and included my article Green Living: Drive Smarter. And on Friday Kids and Money was hosted at MoneyHack and included my article Christmas in July.

PF Bloggers:

In case you missed it; the PF Bloggers did our first monthly Group Writing Project. It was fun. You can see my entry right here, and it also has a link to all the others.

Master Your Card gives the low down on the difference between FDIC and NCUA. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never realized a credit union isn’t FDIC insured. But now that Kristy mentions it I have seen the signs that they are NCUA insured. I just never thought about what that meant.

Our Fourpence Worth got a letter saying their property tax went down. Unfortunately that means the value of their house went down too.

No Debt Plan dives into the depths of smoking. Smoking is something I just don’t get.

Around the Blogsphere:

Being Frugal gave some tips for surviving a struggling economy. Worth the read. I know it’s on everyone’s mind right now.

Blunt Money put up some crazy pictures of flooding here in Phoenix and talks about flood insurance. The scary part is that all that rain falls in a matter of minutes here. That isn’t days of rain, it’s one passing storm.

Budgets are Sexy put a car on a credit card. Go find out why this wasn’t a terrible idea.

Mrs. Micah challenged her readers to take a single step to improve their financial situations. She has the results up of what everyone did. Pretty interesting… what can you do?

Save and Conquer talked about the things the sun can ruin and how to prevent it. Again, something close to my heart here. Everything in the back yard that is cloth must be replaced every year. Like the grill cover, the gazebo top, the furniture. The sun is a relentless force.

The Happy Rock is having a daycare dilemma. The cost of daycare is just outrageous. I feel his pain.

Think Your Way to Wealth looks at his Medical Savings Account. I’m a fan of the MSA, but I’ve never had one so I’m always interested in how it works in real life.

Trees Full of Money gave us his secrets to getting the best price when booking travel. Hotels are way too expensive in my opinion, you have to put the time and effort into getting a good deal.

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