It’s Tuesday again, and that means we are going green. Just a reminder that this series has been inspired by David Bach’s latest book, Go Green, Live Rich. And you can enter to win this book by leaving a comment on Green Living days.

Drive Smarter.

I think it’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that our cars are terrible for the environment and our wallets. Increasing your fuel economy is an easy way to help both the planet and your checkbook. I know this is on everyone’s mind these days. If you drive 15,000 miles a year improving your gas mileage from 20 mpgs to 30 mpgs will save you 250 gallons of gas per year. Which at $4.09 a gallon would save you $1,022. That’s $85 a month people! David Bach expands on this idea and suggests investing that savings. Which if you invested $1,000 a year at a modest 6% for 25 years, you would have over $50,000. And 30 miles per gallon isn’t that hard to do. Lots and lots of cars offer that kind of mileage. You don’t have to squeeze your family into an Escort to do it. If you really want to go green you can get a hybrid which get upwards of 40 miles per gallon. Which would save you another 125 gallons, or $511 per year. Extrapolated out using the same investment scenario as above, in 25 years you would have an additional $26,500.

The book states there are 241 million cars on the road in the US at an average of 20 mpg. Assuming we each drive 15,000 miles per year and we all improved our gas mileage by 10 miles per gallon we would save the world from 60,250,000,000 gallons of gas a year. Gulp! That’s insane.

While you probably can’t run out and replace your car today, you can start to drive less. Combining trips, carpooling, and using alternative modes of transportation will save money and our planet. The average commute to work is 30 miles round trip. Cutting out one commute a week by carpooling or telecommuting will save you 1,500 miles per year. At the current average of 20 miles a gallon that saves 75 gallons a year and $307 dollars. If you think you could do your job from home there is a website that gives tips for convincing your boss to let you try it.

Taking the bus is also a great way to save gas. The bus is going anyways, it uses nothing extra to go along for the ride.

Not into taking the bus? Me neither. But here is your challenge: Find the website that has the info for your city’s bus schedule and plot your route to a place you frequent. That’s it. You don’t actually have to ride the bus. Just get the info. I took myself up on my challenge and I learned that there is a bus stop .4 miles from my house, and I can ride it to the library at 10:10 in the morning and home at 12:10. It will cost me $3.70 round trip for myself and both kids.

Do you carpool? Do you ride the bus? Have another great idea to save gas? Do you think saving gas is for crazy people? Leave a comment and get an entry to win this book.  ***Contest has ended***

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