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Another no money day

We had another no money day yesterday. I’ve really been thinking about this quite a bit since the other day. I think no money days are much easier on my soul than the no gas days I was trying to do. No gas days means that I can’t leave the house, but no money days are a totally different story.

My husband has been brining his lunch to jury duty so he didn’t spend any money. The kids and I went to visit a friend and then later we went to McDonalds to play in the play area. We didn’t get food, we just played. Here’s where it gets sticky. They have Transformers in the kids meals right now and my daughter really wants one. I let her take her allowance and buy one of the toys. As a family we did spend $2. But it didn’t come out of the household budget. Does that count as spending money? I didn’t want to tell her how to spend her allowance. That kinda defeats the purpose of giving her an allowance. She earned it, I think she should be able to spend it how she wants.

To me a no money day means just that, no money. Period. On my last no money post several people said that they go 3,4, or 5 days in a row every single week without spending money. I need more info about that. How you guys pull that off? I know you take your lunch to work, that’s fine. But you never stop for gas, or swing by the grocery store on the way home from work? You never run out anything during the week? Do we have different ideas of what it means to have a no money day?

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  • Jury duty

    One benefit you don’t give much thought to when reading through your benefit package is paid jury duty. But I’m telling you, it comes in handy when you need it.

    My husband had jury duty on Monday and got on a trial. It is set to last two weeks. That is two weeks without working. I was kinda freaking out when he called on his way home and told me. He remembered that his company pays something, but he wasn’t sure what. Luckily his company pays for 10 days of jury duty and he can still work (and get paid for) over time. How wonderful. Oh man, I was relieved.

    If his company didn’t pay we would have had a couple of options. He could have taken vacation days, we could have used our emergency fund, or he could have just refused to go which would cause a $500 fine (and some bad karma). I think we would have used vacation days. Or maybe a combination of emergency funds and vacation days.

    But doesn’t jury duty pay? Yup! They pay a whole $12 a day. My husband said that isn’t even enough to buy lunch at their cafeteria.

    But still, if/ when you are called for jury duty look into your company’s jury duty policy before you head to the court house. If you get picked to be on a trial it will be helpful to know ahead of time if you can afford to serve. You can be dismissed for financial hardship. But you will need to know ahead of time if your company pays or not. And financial hardship doesn’t just mean that you will lose pay. It means that if you serve on the jury you will not be able to pay your mortgage. So not making your savings goals, or just paying the minimums on your debt payments this month doesn’t count.

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