We didn’t spend any money yesterday. That never happens around here. It’s got to be a first.

The kids and I didn’t leave the house at all. I try to have a “no gas day” once a week. So far it’s only happened twice, but once was yesterday. Besides it was like 115 degrees out there, which really drains my motivation to go anywhere, so we had a pajama party at home instead. But the fact remains that we didn’t spend any money.

And my husband didn’t spend any money because they gave them a free lunch at work. So unless you count the gas he used to commute (which feels like burning money) he didn’t spend any money either. Pretty crazy.

Do you have no money days? If so, how often do you have them? Do you think it really saves money in the long term, or are you just delaying purchases until another day? I’m genuinely interested. I have heard of no spending days before but I’ve always dismissed it as something we could never do, and then we went and did it on accident.

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