My niece and nephew both have birthdays coming up. And if they are anything like my kids (and I’m sure they are) they already have every toy in the store. I mean, both my kids have Christmas presents they haven’t even opened yet. It just seems so wasteful to go out and buy more toys for them. Buying them a toy is more an exercise in finding something they don’t already have, rather than finding them something I think they would like.

The best idea I can come up with is to buy the kids something small and open a savings account with the rest of the money I would have spent. But that seems so “grandmaish”. Plus, I would have to open it in my name and put the kids on as co owners. And that seems kinda cheesy. So I don’t know.

Anyone out there have any good ideas for this type of situation? I can’t be the only person to face this dilemma.

pic by: Inferis