I do all my grocery shopping at Wal-mart, except for what I buy at Costco. I love that they price match so I am able to get the sales from all the surrounding stores and I only have to make one stop. They also seem to be cheaper on all the stuff that’s not on sale. So I really feel like I’m getting the best price and it’s convenient.

But lately, I’ve been getting frustrated with their produce. Either I’m getting pickier, or it’s gone way down in quality. Maybe both. This weekend I needed some raspberries for a cake I was making so I picked some up at Wal-mart while I was there. They were $3.50 for the little pack. When I go to use them, later the same day, I notice that they are all moldy. Totally gross! Since I was elbow deep in cake mix I sent my husband back to Wal-mart to return them and pick me up a new pack. When he got home he told me that Wal-mart didn’t have a pack of raspberries that wasn’t moldy. Ewww. He had gotten our money back and went to Fresh and Easy.

Fresh and Easy is a new chain around here. I looked on their website and they are only in CA, AZ, and NV. But they rock. If you are lucky enough to live near one you should really check it out. The raspberries were huge, beautiful, and not moldy. Best of all, they were only $3. Yup, cheaper than Wal-mart.  I’ve been back since and noticed all the fresh herbs are way better than Wal-mart and also cheaper.  The only complaint I have with them is that they don’t have a ton of selection.  I guess cause they get everything extra fresh they can’t always get certain things, and they don’t buy a ton of what they can get, so sometimes they are out of stuff.

So I’ve decided that I’m not going to buy produce at Wal-mart anymore. That experience was the last of it’s kind for me! I will buy what I can at Fresh and Easy and the few things I need that I can’t get there I will just have to go to a “real” grocery store. I’m to the point where I’m willing to pay extra to get the quality I’m looking for. I never want to see a rotten raspberry in my kitchen again.

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