This week was the first edition of the Finance Fiesta! It was hosted over at Master Your Card and Jonathan was kind enough to give my post 10 tips to get your house sold an honorable mention. Thank you Jonathan! I’m hosting the Finance Fiesta next week (June 12th) so make sure you submit your post.

Ok, on with the round up.

PF Bloggers:

Master Your Card posted 10 steps to take before having a baby. I really liked this post and it even inspired a post of my own, Opportunity costs of having a baby.

Pinching Copper wrote about the dying SUV. I can’t say I’m all that sad to see it go.

Living Almost Large discussed the rising cost of food. It’s pretty scary to see the cost of such basic items rise so much.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds explored why having a master’s degree may be to your detriment. I would think this would be a pretty frustrating situation to be in.

Around the Blogsphere:

Blunt Money talked about procrastinating your way to saving money. This really does work. I do it all the time. I’m going to procrastinate my way out of buying myself a new bathing suit this year. And I’ve been procrastinating a hair cut for longer than I want to admit.

Frugal Dad advises to put a cap on monthly expenses. He explains that little expenses in your budget really add up. I couldn’t agree more.

Skyler Reep gave some great advice on how to write a resume. I don’t know about you but the whole resume thing kinda freaks me out.

The Wisdom Journal listed 26 ways to make extra money. Who doesn’t need that? The problem is that I don’t want to make money, I want someone to give me some. Anyone? Anyone? No?

Moolanomy explored the opportunity cost of life insurance for his son.

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