My daughter is in Kindergarten. She wanted to go shopping at the student store. I knew nothing about this student store but she had $10 saved up from her allowance so I let her take it to school. 

I really had no clue what she was going to come home with, but I ended up being pretty impressed. She bought three very cute pens and two erasers. She also donated $1 to the school. They are trying to get donations for a new sign out front. I was so proud!

She gave me her change, which was $7, and I asked her how much she spent at the store. She had no idea. So carefully we went over each transaction.

Me: Well, if you had $10 (holding up 10 fingers) and now you have $7 (taking away seven fingers) how much did you spend?
Her: Three!
Me: And if you gave $1 to the principal for the new sign (taking away one finger) how much did you spend at the store?
Her: Blank stare as eyes drift to the TV.

Ahh well, maybe next time.