I want to get some professional pictures taken of my son. He turned two about two months ago and I feel guilty that I haven’t taken him. I’ve succumbed to the sales pitches of what it means to be a good mom. I’m not a fit parent unless I have a picture of my kid standing next to a big plastic number 2. It sounds stupid, I know. But gosh darn, they are just so cute!

I’ve had a coupon stuck to my fridge for the past three months for no sitting fee and various other savings. I just can’t seem to justify spending the money. It’s not like I don’t have a gazillion other pictures of him. We even had to buy an external hard drive just to keep them all on the computer. But still, I want professional pictures taken of him at each birthday.

Part of my guilt is that I have them of my daughter. I faithfully took her every year, even when I was only making $7,000 annually. That means I spent almost a week’s pay to get her pictures taken. And now I can’t find the money, even though it’s now a small fraction of a week’s pay. Oh the guilt!

I had decided I wasn’t going to take him. The coupon expires at the end of March and I don’t have the money. So I thought it was finished. But then the guilt came back over me. I thought about how if I don’t do it now I will lose this chance forever. So, I took him to get his haircut so he looks nice for his photo shoot today.

I feel good about taking him. I decided I would rather regret spending the money than regret not getting the pictures taken. I can always earn more money but I will never again be able to have pictures taken of my two-year old little boy.

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